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Condensing unit



The Multihavane is a highly reliable, tailored condensing unit solution, suitable for food processing and goods preservation.

Cooling capacity

MT : 15 - 240 kW ; LT : 5 - 70 kW

Model Nomenclature

MHV SH A 2 B PHT C 4HE-25Y D A E C3 F L G 2 H -D I

A Compressor technology: SC = Scroll OCT = Octagon SH = Semi-hermetic

B Number of compressors

C N = Negative / te = - 35 °C P = Positive / te = - 10 °C PHT = Positive High Temp. / te = 0 °C

D Compressor type

E Condenser version: A = Standard AS = Oversized ALN = Low noise level

F Box type: C1 - C2 - C3 - C4 - C5

G Fan arrangement: L = in-line P = parallel

H Number of fans

I Module type or fan Ø: A = 1,200 B = 1,500 D = 2,000 5 = 500 mm 6 = 630 mm

FGas compliant

FGas compliant

EcoDesign compliant

EcoDesign compliant

High performance multi-compressors solution

Easy installation

This unit is ready-to-use and pre-wired in the factory to save time on installation.

Tailored solution

Many versions and options are available to best meet your requirements, whether it is about installation, performance or acoustic comfort.

Easy Maintenance

Easy access to all components for easy maintenance.

Applications & Markets

MULTIHAVANE for your applications

Storage & Logistics

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Food Processing Industries

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Product Resources and Files

Lennox EMEA Corporate Brochure

Installation instructions MULTIHAVANE

EcoDesign Refrigeration TIER 2 : 1st July 2018

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