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CO2 split system

eCO2Boost XS


eCO2Boost XS will provide years of eco-friendly, energy-efficient refrigerant performance.

Cooling capacity

MT : 1 - 10 kW ; LT : 1 - 6 kW

Model Nomenclature

eCO A 8 B /2 C

A eCO = encased outdoor rack - eMR = machine room rack

B Power

C Number of compressors

FGAS compliant

FGAS compliant

EcoDesign compliant

EcoDesign compliant

Sustainable system

Easy installation

Thanks to its compact design, as well as its electronic expansion valve, this CO2 condensing unit is easier to handle and install. Coupled to the 80 bar unit coolers, you will not need a safety valve.

Energy savings

The perfect match between unit and cooler ensures operation adapted to the refrigeration demand and integration of a Scroll inverter compressor allows an optimal cooling capacity.

Eco-friendly solution

Because it uses CO2, a natural refrigerant, ECO2Boost XS guarantees high performance and energy savings while helping to reduce your environmental footprint.

Long-lasting design

eCO2Boost XS casing is made from pre-painted galvanized steel for high corrosion resistance.

Applications & Markets

eCO2Boost XS for your applications

Cafes & Restaurants

Convenience Stores

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Product Resources and Files

Lennox EMEA Corporate Brochure

Installation instructions eCO2Boost XS

Installation instructions eCO2Boost XS.pdf

Installation recommendations eCO2Boost XS

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